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Pepperoni en tranches. Sliced italian Pepperoni.

Pepperoni sec, coupé en tranches. Composé de Viande de boeuf, de poulet et des épices.

Dry Pepperoni, cut into slices. Composed of beef, chicken and spices.

Pepperoni kering, potong-potong. Terdiri dari daging sapi dan ayam, serta rempah-rempah.

Pepperoni en tranches. Sliced italian Pepperoni.

  • Conservation - Storage - Penyimpanan

    A conserver au frais (4°C).

    Store in a cool place (4 ° C).

    Simpan di tempat yang dingin (4 ° C).

  • Origine and Description

    In 1919 Italian immigrants in New York City created pepperoni.

    It is a cured dry sausage, with similarities to the spicy salamis of southern Italy on which it is based, such as Salsiccia or Soppressata.

    The main differences are that pepperoni is less spicy, has a finer grain (akin to spiceless salami from Milan), is usually softer in texture, and is usually produced with the use of an natural casing.

    Pepperoni is a variety of spicy salami made from cured pork or chicken  and beef seasoned with paprika or other chili pepper.

    Prior to cooking, Pepperoni has a characteristic bright red color.

    Sliced pepperoni is one of the most popular pizza toppings in American pizzerias.

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