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Grattons de porc - Pork scratchings -Sio bak babi

Grattons de porc, cuit au saindoux. Sans aucun additif.

Pork scratchings , confit with lard. . Without additives.

Sio bak babi, isi dengan lemak babi. Tanpa aditif makanan.


“Pork Grattons” also called “Pork Scratchings”,   in the USA, are cooked from pork belly, candied in its fat. The “Grattons” are found in many culinary traditions around the world with different names each time: in Indonesia it is "Sio bak babi" in Thailand, "khaep mu, Thai: แคบหมู"; in the Philippines, "Chicharon"; in Vietnam, "Tóp mỡ"; in the United States, "Pork rinds" or "Cracklings"; in Canada, "Scrunchions"; in Mexico, "Chicharrón" or "Cuerito"; in Spain, "Chicharrones" or "Torreznos"; in the Netherlands and Belgium, "Knabbelspek", etc. In France, “Grattons” are a traditional regional dish. There are "Grattons" in Limousin and Auvergne, in Lyonnais, Saintonge, Angoumois, Guyenne, Périgord, Cévennes, Morvan and even in “La Reunion” island.

Also called "Gratterons", "Griaudes", "Grillaudes", "Grillons", "Fritons", "Rillons", "Grille-naudes" in Bourgogne or even "Greubons" in Switzerland and Savoie. Sometimes hot, more often cold, they are served as an aperitif, as a main course with a salad, as an accompaniment, or used to garnish pies and many other culinary specialties.

Grattons de porc - Pork scratchings -Sio bak babi

  • Conservation - Storage - Penyimpanan

    Emballé sous vide. A conserver au frais (4°C).

    Vacuum packed. Store in a cool place (4 ° C).

    Kemasan vacuum. Simpan di tempat yang sejuk (4 ° C).

  • Recette

    En France, les grattons sont un plat traditionnel, souvent régional. Parfois chauds, le plus souvent froids, ils sont servis à l'apéritif, en plat avec une salade, en accompagnement.

    In France, grattons are a traditional, often regional dish. Sometimes hot, more often cold, they are served as an aperitif, as a dish with a salad, as an accompaniment.

  • Without any food additives

    Sans additif

    Without food additives

    Tanpa aditif makanan.

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