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Chipolatas aux herbes - Pork sausages with herbs - Sosis babi dengan daun

Paquet de 6 chipolatas aux herbes (longueur 15 cm), 100 % viande de porc, sans additif.

Pack of 6 pork sausages with herbs (length 15 cm), 100% pork, without additives.

Paket 6 sosis babi dengan daun (panjangnya 15 cm), 100% daging babi, tanpa aditif makanan.

Chipolatas aux herbes - Pork sausages with herbs - Sosis babi dengan daun

  • Conservation - Storage - Penyimpanan

    Emballé sous vide. A conserver au frais (4°C). Congélation possible.

    Vacuum packed. Store in a cool place (4 ° C). Freezing possible.

    Kemasan vacuum. Simpan di tempat yang dingin (4 ° C).. Pembekuan mungkin terjadi.

  • Origin and Description

    In France, Chipolata refers to a sausage made from medium-minced pork sausage meat, stuffed into natural mutton casing. Its seasoning contains in particular thyme, and fresh leaves of Coriander and Parsley. 

    This is the sausage typically used (along with merguez sausages) for grilling on a barbecue.

    But it can also be pan-fried so that the fat escapes during cooking. Chipolatas are produced in different regions of Europe, and especially consumed in France and Italy.

    Its name comes from the Italian “cipolla”, which means onion, and the word “cipollata” refers to onion confit, a typical Tuscan dish.

    The chipolata is a very popular sausage; it is often called the “chipo”.

  • Recommendation for the accompaniment of your dish

    To optimize the flavor and taste of your grilled sausages, you can accompany it with the Argentinian "Chimichurri" sauce.

  • Without any food additives

    Sans additif

    Without food additives

    Tanpa aditif makanan.

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